It is of great interest for Fox Center to contribute to the development of the population, through our educational, artistic, business leadership and fundraising programs.


Having as a responsibility and as a fundamental commitment the development of the human being, as a recipient of cultural property and as a beginning and end of social life, economy and politics.  


The challenge before humanity is to adopt new ways of thinking, acting and organizing in society, is to add new ways of living. At Centro Fox we help fulfill this task, join this change with your donation.



Our programs  

Be part of your donation of our programs and contribute to the welfare of society.


Music school: Music training for children and youth from 11 communities near San Cristóbal, Guanajuato.


SINED: Distance education node of Fox Center.


Bilbioteca - Fox Center Museum: Information and documentation center.


President for one day: Unique leadership-boosting program targeted at students from preschool to university


Academy: Through programs and courses of business and personal leadership, we transform the participants into agents of change .